Outstanding Displays – The Company that Tom and David built


From humble beginnings, Outstanding Displays (or OD as it is more affectionately known) has come a long way. What started as a mere conversation between friends and old work colleagues back in 2013, quickly developed into a new and exciting player in the events and exhibition industry.

Over the past 5 years, Directors, David Coulthard and Tom Meredith have invested much of their time to laying the foundations for the company’s sustained growth and longevity. From its inception, they have placed a strong emphasis on innovation and were quite comfortable in saying that 『just because something had always been done a certain way, did not necessarily mean that it should continue that way.』 This is not just a mantra or a throw-away line; on this point Tom and David most certainly are able to 『walk the walk.』 Much time and effort (as well as several buying trips to China) has been devoted to research and development, specifically researching and road testing a new type of shell scheme, one that is attractive to look at, practical, and beyond-the-norm of the exhibitions industry. Their dedication to innovation and their commitment to research in many ways has been the company’s point of difference and what really has enabled them to own the word 『outstanding’ in the company’s name.

Since its inception almost 5 years ago Outstanding Displays has partnered with some of the big names in Australian Business: Griffith University, the Australian Dental Association, Hino, Myriad, Origin, Ashdown Ingram and Nioa Defence to name a few. On this point, they made the call early on that it was more important to service a few clients well, rather than to try and be everything to everyone. In doing this it has allowed David and Tom to provide their clients with exceptional and unparalleled service, once again reinforcing the 『outstanding’ mantra.

Having spent this time putting down roots (so to speak), it is only natural that Outstanding Displays has experienced some very real and 『organic’ growth with an expansion of product lines, markets, employees – both full and part-time, and warehousing facilities.

What began as a simple idea one evening while sitting on their couches has now developed into one of the country’s most sustainable, successful, and dependable businesses. Their successes to date, a group of leading long-term and repeat clients, most certainly is validation for their dedication and hard work.
Outstanding Displays; Innovative, and outstanding, every time.

Modular high-end display solutions

We offer services in exhibitions, events, custom stand build and design, retail pop ups, commercial fit outs and brand activations. If you are looking for a company that is creative, a company that is different, a company that cares, then you’ve found it.
Outstanding Displays – ‘experience better.’