Outstanding Displays: Proudly ‘Green’

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Eco-friendly, environmentally responsible, resource efficient; whatever term you prefer, being 『green’ is a practice that Outstanding Displays is proud to adopt. Our commitment to being eco-friendly transcends beyond the obvious office practices; such as minimising the amount of paper printing and installing a water cooler (to minimise/reduce the use of individual plastic bottles); right the way through to the products and services that we offer our clients.

「It is important that we implement products and practices that minimise our carbon footprint. Environmental responsibility is not the role of some, but rather, something that we should all take responsibility for. We (Outstanding Displays) take great pride in the fact that our unique modular system that is used to build both our custom stands and shell scheme booths, is completely recyclable」 said Tom Meredith, founding Director.

It is this unique system/product that allows us to offer our clients a superior 『green’ product that few others in the event industry can.  Here are some of the key ways Outstanding Displays is doing our part to ensure we reduce our carbon footprint:

  • All our aluminium extrusions can be used over and over again for multiple builds and for multiple clients – resulting in minimal waste compared to timber fabricated displays.
  • All aluminium waste created when fabricating a stand (or stock that has come to the end of its lifecycle) is recycled.
  • We use fabric signage for all our client’s logos, branding and promotion, as opposed to Foamex or timber infills. Fabric banners are;
    • Reusable – easily machine washed
    • Produce less landfill
    • Less need to manufacture new signage results in lower carbon emissions.
  • All our stock is transported to and from projects in modular travel stillages;
    • No bubble wrap or foam cell is used
    • Our modular stillages mean that we can maximise space on trucks – reducing the number of vehicles on the road and/or trips required to move stock around.
  • Use of LED fascia signs as opposed to Foamex or coreflute signs
    • The LED signs use a thin plastic film, as opposed to their coreflute counterparts, which create less waste.

Our commitment to being 『green’ doesn’t stop here either. We have also created and implemented a new online portal on which our clients book all of their exhibition furniture, AV and technology needs. The establishment of this online system has resulted in significantly less formal paperwork and printed documents. Finally, but by no means least, our warehouse is conveniently located next to the train line and so we are able to utilise public transport to travel into the city for meetings.

When you choose Outstanding Displays, you can do so with confidence, knowing that you are choosing a product that is sustainable, eco-friendly and 100% recyclable; and thus, doing your part to create a better future.

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