Our Innovative and Outstanding Suite of Shell Scheme Booth Options


At Outstanding Displays, innovation has always been at the forefront of everything we do; that and giving our clients outstanding products and service. Therefore, it was only natural when the company made the decision to expand its product range into shell scheme mid-way through 2017, that we offer a suite of products that are unique and never seen before.

One of which is our 『Friendly Neighbour’ shell scheme option.


The friendly neighbour shell, is a simple yet undeniably stylish and effective design, consisting of:

  • 1m high side walls
  • Unrestricted open frontage
  • Back set fascia signs
  • Fully customisable rear wall
  • Power-coated extrusions

The advantages of using our friendly neighbour shell at your next exhibition are many and varied. First and most importantly it looks good. Really good. Available in powder coated white or black 80mm extrusion, the friendly neighbour shell is unlike anything that you have seen in exhibition circles before. It is stylish and deluxe without the 『deluxe’ price-tag to go with.

Another great pro is that this type of shell scheme is open plan, making it a great option for venues with limited space or places with limited natural light (like hotel ballrooms). The fact that it is open plan makes the exhibition space feel less cluttered and far more visually appealing.  By lowering the side walls and removing the overhead fascia signage, the invisible exhibitor / delegate barrier is removed, creating a less 『claustrophobic’ and more inviting display compared to trading shell scheme cubes.


In keeping with the 『open plan’ feel, we have designed this particular type of shell scheme to place all exhibitor fascia signs on the back wall (rather than their traditional position at the front of the stand). Ironically by setting the company’s branding further back it actually makes it easier to see, as delegates no longer have to crane their neck to look up as they are walking through the narrow aisles of the exhibition. This simple change combined with the opportunity to do large scale fabric signage on the rear wall gives the exhibitors maximum exposure to showcase their brand.

The friendly neighbour booth is fully customisable in that the height if the rear wall can be raised or lowered depending on venue height limitations. Likewise, the low side walls come in various lengths, including 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m or 3m.

Being a new product, this type of shell has only been used at a handful of shows, giving companies bold enough to do something different a very real opportunity to stand out from the crowd and to take their event to the 『next level.』


So, open up your show with a new look, and contact us today for a no obligation quote for exhibition infrastructure with a difference and that will get everyone talking

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